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Windmills were turning

Well windmills were definitely turning last Saturday at Windmill Days in Batavia Illlinois. Brother Harv and I set up early at the art and craft show. Due to the nasty weather report some vendors were no shows so we had room to set up 2 canopies. We hung our Reclaimation Art (cool name huh) on the tree between us and were ready for business. That was about the time the monsoons hit. I learned a few things during the downpour chief of which was that the canopy is not water proof. I scrambled to get the high carbon blades under the table and called the cavalry. My wife brought a tarp to cover the tent and another table cover. We were back in business. By noon it cleared up and people started to show up. I turned out well with both of us moving some inventory and getting a chance to talk to some very nice folks. I met one of the best salesmen I have run into. This 12 ? year old boy convinced his Dad that he REALLY needed one of the knives. It was fun showing kids tusks, ivory and other handle material. My life did flash before my eyes when a 4 year old snatched a 10" double edged dagger off the table. Fortunately his Dad got it before anything happened. I have to work out some table safety issues at these public shows. Parents prep your kids and keep an eye on them! I look forward to the next show in Richfield on the 27th.

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