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DeYong Knives on light duty (or gray guy down again)

Well the knife making is pretty limited for 2 months as I have to replace my right ankle again! I was having some "discomfort" this fall and finally went to the orthapedic surgeon and found out I had a broken Fibea in my leg. I also had bent or broke all the screws and the plate that was holding it together from the last surgery. There are various theories as to what caused it like dragging deer, portaging canoes and moving anvils but I explained to my wife it is from carrying groceries (no she did not buy it). I had the surgery last week and now can not bear any weight for 5 weeks which makes grinding tough while hopping on one foot. Fortunately I knew it was coming and went knife crazy and have 28 ready to go. I can putter with some sheath making and I am putting some new mosaic pins together. I plan to attend the Badger Knife Club Show March 23-25 in Janesville, Wi. if I maintain my sanity which was probably iffy to start with. I'm not the best guy at sitting around. I had to do a little mental reset and remind myself there are a lot worse things that can happen and I can thank the Lord for that. I do welcome calls and am certainly able to ship knives out if somebody finds something they can't live without. One silver lining is they let me keep the hardware they removed so I may incorporate the pieces into an every day carry knife for me. The pictures are presurgery.

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