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What I did on my summer vacation

One of this summer's highlights was a canoe trip In Quetico Provincial Park located on the Minnesota/Ontario border. My son Steve and I were invited to join 4 other guys from our church for this adventure. My son (who I affectionately called "Burro" for this outing) is an animal. He competes in Ironman events, works grunt labor for his cousin's landscaping business often following a days work with a couple hours in the gym. All in all the right choice to accompany this old guy. The trip was much more grueling than expected with continuous rain the first two days. We paddled 75 miles and did 16 portages of 3+ miles. It took 7 days but it was beautiful, we had good comradary and I was put in charge of "protein procurement" so I got to fish...a lot. It took about 2 months to get over the tough memories and I actually agreed to try a another trip down the Buffalo River in Arkansas this summer. I have attached a couple of highlights. What does this have to do with knife making? Well if your knife was a little late in coming in August her is why.

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